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Discover the magic at Stilla Crystals across our select categories: vibrant Crystals for unique energies, handcrafted Candles for ambiance, elegant Jewellery with natural crystals, and artisanal Ceramics for a touch of earthly beauty. Each piece is curated with care, inviting you to find the perfect addition to your life and space.


Discover a world of self-care rituals at Rituals. Explore our collection of soothing teas, decadent cocoa drinks, calming essential oils, and fragrant incense. Create a moment of peace and serenity in your day

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Explore the world of crystals with Stilla Crystals' bespoke sourcing service. Whether you're seeking a specific type of crystal to enhance your collection, or need a unique piece to elevate your space, our expert team is dedicated to sourcing ethically and responsibly.

With direct connections to mines and communities around the globe, we ensure that each crystal is not only of the highest quality but also contributes positively to its place of origin. Let us bring the magic of ethically sourced crystals directly to you, tailored to your exact desires.

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