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Crystal Candles

Immerse yourself in a symphony of light, fragrance, and crystal energy with Stilla Crystals' enchanting Crystal Candle Collection. Each hand-poured soy candle, crafted with intention and care, features a carefully chosen gemstone nestled within, infusing the eco-friendly wax with its unique vibrations. As the candle burns, captivating scents and the gemstone's energy intertwine, creating a haven for relaxation, meditation, or ritual practice.

Discover love and harmony with the calming lavender scent of the Rose Quartz candle, unleash creativity and abundance with the invigorating citrus notes of Citrine, find peace and tranquility with the soothing chamomile scent of Amethyst, or enhance focus and clarity with the uplifting eucalyptus aroma of Fluorite.

Stilla Crystals' Crystal Candle Collection transcends mere illumination. Each ethically sourced crystal is meticulously chosen and cleansed for its specific energy, while high-quality essential oils create an immersive sensory experience. Experience the magic and find your perfect match today, igniting your senses and elevating your spirit with every flickering flame.

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